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Crestron home automation adds convenience to your lifestyle with one-tap control of lighting, climate, and more. Learn more about the benefits of Crestron here.

Savant vs. Control 4 vs. Crestron Systems - Which is best?

Learn about each system and decide which will be best for your smart home installation in Beverly Hills, CA

Savant vs. Control 4 vs. Crestron Systems - Which is best?

Which brand of home automation system should I choose? This is a question that often comes up when we are talking to new clients and going over their options for their new home in Beverly Hills, CA. Everyone feels that there must be a clear winner in this debate, and usually, the main three that come up are a Savant, Control 4, or Crestron System. They typically feel that choosing the right control brand is the make or break decision that will determine whether they will enjoy their home technology.  It actually isn’t. Let me tell you why.