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Articles in Category: Home Theater System Beverly Hills, CA

A custom home theater system is the best way to recreate the cinema experience at home. Learn about the latest trends, technologies, and more here.

Three Upgrades To Elevate Your HomeTheater System

Transform Your Theater with 4K Video, Immersive Surround Sound, and Your Own Movie Jukebox

Three Upgrades To Elevate Your HomeTheater System

Who doesn’t love movies? And here in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the heart of the film industry, chances are you know someone – or maybe you are someone - who works in the business. We have a special affinity for movies.

Since this is Beverly Hills, we have our fair share of home theater systems in the many beautiful homes around us. Even though we have unique theaters like the historic TCL Chinese Theater and Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema, what can be better than to screen epics in your own home theater with a small group of friends? No crowds, no worrying about where you sit; every seat is the best seat in the house.

Maybe you already have a home theater, or perhaps you are looking building a new one. In any case, we want to tell you about three things you absolutely must have in your next theater. Ready to see how to bring the magic of the movies home? Just keep reading.