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How Home Network Upgrades Give You More Wi-Fi Power

Get the Speed You Need When Working or Doing School from Home

How Home Network Upgrades Give You More Wi-Fi Power

Now, more than ever, you need a strong network that doesn’t lag or buffer when you’re online. With so many people across the nation staying home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, working from home has become a necessity. The same is true for schooling. Your family needs a high-speed, reliable internet to maintain some level of normalcy throughout the day.

If your network is a few years old, then you’re probably experiencing the frustration of slow speeds and a smart home system that is sluggish. DSI Luxury Technology performs complete home network upgrades for homeowners in Malibu, CA. Before calling your internet service provider (ISP) and spending money on an upgrade that won’t work, read our blog below. 


It All Starts With Your Router

Something as simple as router placement could be the reason for slow performance. For the best signal, your router needs to have “line of sight” for all your devices. If it’s hidden behind the couch or tugged away in a closet, the signal will suffer. So, put it out in the open. It may not complement your home décor, but you’ll hopefully enjoy better connections and even faster internet speeds.

Another option, if your network is suffering from slow connections, is to integrate routers that let you prioritize certain types of traffic. Let’s say you are joining a video conference, but someone in the other room is streaming a movie in your home theater. Your network will know to prioritize your video call to ensure your video doesn’t lag.


Lightning-Fast Solutions for a Slow Network

While some DIY tricks may improve your internet connection, they usually provide marginal results. Even upgrading your internet plan with your ISP might not give you the boost in speed that you need. With so many people working at home or even doing school from home, the demand for bandwidth has increased.

In order for your home network to handle your smart home and Wi-Fi devices, you need a reliable and powerful internet connection. A basic internet plan is a great idea – if your reliance on technology is minimal. However, if you have a family of 3 or more, and you enjoy using technology – smart phones, multiple TVs and computers, and automated home devices – you’ll need a professional to boost your network!

By designing a robust network that meets your needs and then installing network switches, access points, routers, and CAT 6 or 7 cables, we ensure your network is lightning fast. No need to unplug devices or limit Wi-Fi use. Everyone can be on their device at the same time – with no lagging, buffering, or jittering.

Get the fastest speeds possible by depending on DSI Luxury Technology for home network upgrades. Contact us here or send a live chat below to schedule a consultation today with one of our home networking experts.