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How Motorized Blinds Save You Money and Keep Your Home Cooler

Make your home more efficient and simplify everyday chores with motorized blinds for your Pacific Palisades home

How Motorized Blinds Save You Money and Keep Your Home Cooler

The sun always shines brightly in the Golden State, but the start of summer means you’ll be using your air conditioner more often, which means higher electric bills for you. Before the worst of the summer heat arrives, make your home more efficient and make everyday tasks easier with motorized blinds.

By using smarter fabrics, making better use of available sunlight and integrating your shades with your existing automation systems, you can dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption. At the same time, you get to relax more by not having to manually raise or lower all the blinds in your home. Here are a few ways motorized blinds can improve your Pacific Palisades home.

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One way motorized blinds make your home more efficient is through a process called “daylight harvesting.” Put simply, daylight harvesting means using the light that hits your home as efficiently as possible. In the summer that means keeping your shades drawn except when absolutely necessary to minimize solar heat gain; in the winter, your shades stay open as long as possible to let the sun warm your home instead of your HVAC system.

This may sound a bit complicated, but your motorized blinds are fully capable of handling this process by themselves. Using an automated schedule and/or employing a network of heat and light sensors around your home, your blinds can raise or lower themselves throughout the day.

Not only can motorized blinds be lowered and raised automatically, the same goes for the angle of the blinds, leading to even greater efficiency gains. And once you’ve finished setting up the system it will run forever, saving you the time and hassle of having to manually adjust your shades.


Improving your home’s insulation is another way motorized blinds help with energy costs. Nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs come from their heating or cooling systems, according to the Department of Energy.

Motorized blinds use better fabrics and smarter designs than typical blinds, so they do a much better job of mitigating solar heat gain during the summer. If your A/C system isn’t working as hard, you will see significant savings over time.


Improved efficiency and better insulation are the primary ways motorized blinds can help with your bottom line, but they’re not the only ones. Motorized blinds are very easy to integrate with other smart home systems, leading to even greater benefits when different systems combine their strengths.

One easy example of this is lighting control. By integrating lighting control with your motorized blinds, you can create custom presets and automated schedules that take better advantage of available light. You can also use sensors and dimmers to make sure only occupied areas are being lit and using energy, which should also lower your energy costs.

Ready to make your Pacific Palisades home a more pleasant place to be this summer? To learn more about motorized blinds for your home, call us at (310) 432-2381. You can also contact us online through our contact form or by clicking the chat box below.