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She loves technology, he fears it. While their new home is loaded with the latest-and-greatest gear, it’s built to please both personalities. Designer Sandra Canada explains how she made two clients happy in one house.


Home Entertainment: This house appears to be a classic case of “now you see it, now you don’t” in terms of concealing the audiovisual treats—from really big TVs to speakers. It’s clear you had to “treat” numerous TVs. Just how many televisions did you have to hide?

Sandra Canada: Seven, maybe eight. The televisions are hidden so well that I’ve possibly forgotten them!

Cutting-edge Contemporary

In both design and technology, this bachelor pad is the essence

Cutting-edge Contemporary

With a six-month window for design, pre-wire, installation and programming, this was by far the quickest construction project DSI Entertainment Systems had ever been involved in.

Silver Screen

A homeowner plans to renovate his Cape Cod-style home without adding a theater until his interior designer convinces him otherwise.

Silver Screen