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4 Quality Brands to Remember for Your Smart Home System

Choosing the right equipment makes all the difference for an inviting, restful smart home

4 Quality Brands to Remember for Your Smart Home System

While it’s unwise to waste money by choosing name-brand products when you don’t have to, sometimes it’s worthwhile to make sure you’re getting quality equipment. In the home automation field, you want to be sure whatever systems you choose deliver consistent, first-rate performance and that your equipment works well with a wide range of other products. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a fragmented, subpar system that may end up leaving you more frustrated than before you have everything installed.

At DSI Luxury Technology, we understand these concerns, and we want to help you find the ideal smart home automation system for your lifestyle. That’s why we only work with the best brands, and today we’ll be going through what makes these devices superior to the competition. If you want to find the best smart home tech for your home in Malibu, keep reading.

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Control4 is a strong choice for your home control system because of how well it integrates with other devices and platforms. Control4’s software platform works with more than 12,000 devices across 300 manufacturers. Control4 systems have everything you want – centralized controls; easy management of your lights, A/V equipment, HVAC, and security devices; voice control capability, etc. – along with some helpful customization tools.

The When >> Then feature, which comes with Control4’s 4Sight subscription service, lets you fine-tune various systems to react to each other . This includes the ability to create and edit voice control scenes for Amazon Echo devices and more control over lighting schedules. 4Sight also unlocks Control4’s Intercom Anywhere service, which allows you to make calls to or from your home at any time without using a landline.


In comparison to Control4, Savant systems offer greater customization at a higher cost. The way this manifests is the ability to create customized Savant Scenes. You make these scenes by picking a device or combination of devices and telling them to perform certain functions in certain situations. For instance, an “Away” scene might turn off all the rights, lower your shades, lock your doors and turn on your security system as you leave for work. Another option could be a “Relax” scene for dinner time that dims your kitchen lights, turns some on your favorite music and sets the ideal room temperature.

Savant has also spent a great of resources to ensure a smooth user experience with the Savant Pro smartphone app. While Control4 systems can be customized to a certain extent, it requires more back-end programming. With the Savant Pro app, by comparison, you can easily make these adjustments yourself without any time-consuming software modifications.


Crestron is the home automation brand for people who want absolute, total customization. Their control app, previously called Pyng but now named Crestron OS 3, can be tweaked down to the most minute detail. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for a Crestron system. We will program your interface to your exact specifications, creating a system that’s tailored to your home and lifestyle.

As with Control4 and Savant, Crestron gives you easy, prevision control over a wide range of smart home automation systems. These include smart lighting, your security system, motorized shades and more. If you want the most personalized smart home experience possible, go with Crestron


While Lutron makes smart lighting and motorized window treatments, not home control systems, you’d be foolish to pick any other brand for lighting control. Lutron is the industry leader in creating powerful, easy to manage smart lighting and shading systems. Their products work with a wide range of control systems, and you’ll see the benefits of Lutron automation immediately. Lutron’s tunable lighting systems help your home better respond to you and your health, while their motorized shades add convenience and style. Pair Lutron lighting and shading with any of the control systems we mentioned above, and you’ll be on your way to the smart home life.

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